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    Minimalistic · Progressive · Psytrance

Ensnaring experience of noises

Mahanada is a progressive trance project from Germany performed by Simon Teubner. With great involvement and DJing in the Goa-Trance scene back in the nineties and early twenties, Simon cemented the foundation for the Mahanada project. Over the years working on the project on hobby basis alongside the family duties, Simon finally found the time to fine tune his talent for pulsating beats and sharp edged synth mangling.

His intention is to drag the listener into the emotional and euphoric moments he had on the dance floors back in the days, to share the ensnaring experience of noises in such a perfect order and pattern, that it makes sense for your brain and feet to do the rhythmic flip flop, while your arms are waving in sync with the melodies.

The style is edgy minimalistic Psy-Trance, focusing on the evolution of rhythm and atmosphere, wrapped in mind staying notes of both synthetic and smooth sound sources.