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    South Africa/Slovakia
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    Psy-Techno · Psytrance · Techno


PsyTyx is a fresh project formed by the eccentric Psy-Techno artist “Psychasm” and the Progressive Melodic Psy DJ “Tatyx”.

It’s a wicked cocktail of psychedelic space blips, deep rough Techno beats and bouncy deep flowing bass.

They start a new track by working as separate units, creating lots of home brewed sounds, beats and noises, when the amount of material has stacked enough they arrange them together afterwards in a co-op operation. Everything is then polished with new sounds and ideas, and a new PsyTyx track can now be heard in the night lights. This technique brings some wacky psychedelic yet funky patterns and colors, which not only is quite unique, but also exciting the critical listener.