Euroforix provide Mastering as a service for other non-Euroforix artists and labels, the price is a simple per minute fee, which means that you only pay for the time used on mastering. This is a very flexible model which is fair for both parts, as you get what you pay for, nothing more, nothing less.

The price is 0.5€ per minute used on mastering, as in MASTERING, not communication or sending stuff between peers, simply just MASTERING. Normally this means 10-30€ per track.

Interested in using the Euroforix mastering service? send a mail to


Guidelines for premasters:

  • Keep the max volume peak level  below -2 db, so that it’s not clipping. Use the master gain to insure this, by dragging it down until there’s no clipping all over the track.
  • Render the premaster wav file in minimum 44.1 khz – 24bit .
  • Avoid stereo expanders on master channel (or single channels unless it’s for creative purposes).
  • If you want specific enhancements, tell it at first, it will only just cost extra if you do it afterwards, as more time will be used.
  • If you like a specific sound of other artists tracks, please inform this when sending your track, as we can try to match that specific sound, but we can’t guarantee a total match, as every single piece of music is unique. Remember, that the sound you wish is the sound you mix, it’s not the mastering that creates a sound, it really just enhances it.