Overall rules:

  • Stick to the original melodies as much as creatively possible, but still remember, it’s a remix.
  • All electronic genres are accepted!


For our remix contests we judge by a model we’ve created for the purpose. This model helps us determine scores based on five categories, which also gives remixers an idea about what we look for, and maybe where to focus.

The model :

Scores from 1-10

Sound: Is the overall sound quality good, mixing in general.

Variation: How well is the track variated and constructed, is it interesting, too monotone (in a bad way). If you want to skip it before end because it too doll = bad score.

Creativity: How creative is the track, does it have elements of surprise, crazy effects, cool original synths.It brings something new to the table.

Faithfulness: How the elements from the original have been used without sounding totally like the original one, making the remix it’s own track while still being a remix.

Grooviness: Is your leg jumping while listening, bass kick and bass line harmony. Great percussive work. Can you sit still while listening, if not = better score

Total : (Sound * 1.2 ) + (Variation * 1.4) + (Creativity * 1.6) + (Faithfulness) + (Grooviness 1.8)



Sound: 9 = 10,8

Variation: 6 = 8,4

Creativity: 7 = 11,2

Faithfulness: 8

Grooviness: 10 = 18

Total : 56,4/70