Cosmic Rain – Approaching Pluto

The contest has ended and we have found the winners. We (Euroforix and Cosmic Rain) have judged the remixes and giving score in five different categories (details here), which reflects a final score. With this model we hope to give a fair rating and judging, as well as being a good tool for us to determine a score. And the winning order is …… drum roll…..

1 : Subdream 

2 : R.E.S

3 : Rewird

4 : Shauli

5 : WYRaM

6 : Psychasm Mercury

7 : Psychasm Venus

All tracks will be on the “Approaching Pluto” single, so stay tuned!


Cosmic Rain is preparing the next major release, and let me tell you, it’s going to be crazy! but hey, you know that if you fellow him here and there aye. But before the release we’re releasing Approaching Pluto as a single and remix contest.

The single is planed for released the 24th of June 2016, and all cool remixes will be on it, this means that if the tracks are good enough, they get on it, even if it only got a 10th place for example.

The winner get’s a release* on Euroforix, with a format depending on material. We have one free plugin from SKnote for all serious remixers, and more plugins for 2nd and 3rd places. *If you are already signed and planning a release, then we’ll give you 100€, and ask the second place instead.


So, are you ready to go to Pluto with Cosmic Rain? Looking forward to see you on the spaceship with us!




All serious contenders get a free of choice VST/AU plugin from SKnote

  1. Release on Euroforix (Album, EP, Single depending on material) or 100€
  2. 3 extra high class, free of choice, VST/AU plugins from SKnote
  3. 1 extra free of choice VST/AU plugins from SKnote



  • Stick to the original melodies as much as creatively possible, remember, it’s a remix.
  • All genres are accepted!
  • Deadline: 14th of May 2016 (notify us if you have a remix but can’t deliver on this date or sooner)





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